50 Reasons You Should Help Fund 50 States in 50 Weeks

So, it’s Sunday, March 13th, 2016. I started my 50 States in 50 Weeks trip on Sunday, September 13th, 2015, exactly six months ago today. Wow!

I’m currently at a friend’s house in Las Vegas, NV and Nevada is my twenty-eighth state. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it this far. I figured I’d run out of money sooner than I thought, or I’d get sick of traveling at some point, or I’d find some other reason to stop (maybe some person I just couldn’t leave…).

Well, I did find a person it was insanely hard to leave, but I knew I’d regret not finishing my trip, so I continued on my way anyway. Thankfully, as soon as I left I realized I wasn’t driving away, but just taking the scenic route back to him and that made me feel better.

Occasionally I have days where I wish I could just stay in my pajamas and watch Netflix all day. Other days I feel like I have so much to do I wish I could just hide under the covers and ignore the world, so sometimes traveling is annoying. Fortunately, those days are few and far between.

At the end of the day though, I love my life and what I’m doing. I am so insanely happy. I took a leap and chose to follow my heart and doing so has taken me on this incredible journey that I am so freaking thankful for. I found love and strength I didn’t know I had. I found myself, the real me, when no one was expecting anything of me and I wasn’t expecting much of myself. I have learned and am learning so much and I’ve made and am making awesome new friends. I have so many great stories for the book I plan to write and I’m sure I’ll have many more by the time I’m through with my trip.

Which just leaves the running out of money thing… So far I’ve been doing a pretty great job sticking to the budget I set for myself. However, there have been a few unanticipated expenses and I really did figure I’d quit before I actually spent my entire savings. But, now that I’m so close I have to finish. I just have to. I can’t not finish what I’ve started. I just can’t.

So, because I believe in the universe and that everything works out perfectly I’m pleading with you, dear reader, to help me finish my trip. I’m going to finish either way, I’d just like to avoid being completely broke and homeless when I finish. That’d be nice.

In case you’re wondering why you should help me here are 50 reasons you should help me finish 50 States in 50 Weeks:

1. You’re awesome.
2. I’m awesome.
3. My trip is awesome.
4. My blog is awesome.
5. You like reading my blog.
6. You like seeing pictures of the places I’ve been.
7. You enjoy my shenanigans.
8. You appreciate my obesity.
9. You respect my vulnerability and willingness to make mistakes and share them (previous number was supposed to say honesty not obesity, oops).
10. Someday you hope to visit all fifty states, so you might as well let me weed out the lame things to do before you get there.
11. Sometimes I make you smile.
12. Sometimes I inspire you.
13. Sometimes you really miss me.
14. Sometimes the journey really is more important than the destination.
15. You believe in me.
16. You want me to succeed.
17. You hope someday I’ll return the favor when you need help following your dreams.
18. You think 50 States in 50 Weeks would be a cool book.
19. You’re hoping this trip leads to future adventures so you can continue to follow along.
20. You’re living vicariously through me right now.
21. At some point you had an idea you thought was impossible, yet somehow it worked out in the end.
22. Fear of failure has kept you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do.
23. Society has put you on a path and now you’re wondering what if…?
24. I’m homeless.
25. I’m underemployed. 
26. I need your help.
27. Without your help I might not succeed.
28. If I succeed with your help you’ll know you made it happen.
29. I’ll also totally give you a shout out in the book I write.
30. You appreciate my determination.
31. You appreciate my sense of adventure.
32. You appreciate my gumption.
33. You appreciate how far I’ve come.
34. Because it’d be really nice of you.
35. Because you’d buy me a cup of coffee, so why not let me decide how to spend the $5?
36. Because you just spent five minutes reading reasons why you should.
37. Because I asked you to.
38. Please.
39. Because I said please.
40. Because you want to.
41. Because your friend/roommate/sister/grandfather/mother/aunt/lover did.
42. Because you never know what will happen tomorrow…
43. Because I’ve already made it this far…
44. Because I’m so close to finishing my trip and it’d be a shame if I didn’t make it.
45. Because no one likes a quitter.
46. I don’t want to be a quitter.
47. My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks…
48. Helping me finish my trip would be a great birthday present…
49. A grain of sand can tip a scale: $1 may seem useless/unhelpful to you, but to me that’s an apple, or parking so I can explore a new city, or 15 miles to the next town…
50. I just came up with 50 reasons why you should.

So, how can you help? Well, you have options. You can contribute to my GoFundMe page, (just know GoFundMe takes a cut of whatever you donate). If you have a PayPal account you can send me money using this link. Or, if you’re really jazzed about the book, 50 States in 50 Weeks (or whatever I decide to call it), you can contribute to the Tilt I set up to make sure it happens.

One thought on “50 Reasons You Should Help Fund 50 States in 50 Weeks

  1. Kate Foley

    B! I want to help out but can’t send an amount through PayPal.me as it’s not set up in Ireland. How much does GoFundMe take out of the amount? (or is there another way to send you money that won’t short you?) If nothing else I’ll add it to your Tilt account — because the book would be amazing — but if I can get you the money now when you need it more that would be much better.

    Best of luck! <3

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