By the Numbers: Whoa-oh I’m Halfway There…

Brittany Swanson   March 5, 2016   Comments Off on By the Numbers: Whoa-oh I’m Halfway There…

As of New Mexico, I’ve made it halfway through my trip and been to 1/2 of the United States! Huzzah! In honor of that accomplishment, here is a recap of the cumulative numbers and 25 highlights of the trip so far:

Total miles: 15,921

Total money earned*: $369.53

*One day freelancing in NYC, one trip to the slots in Atlantic City, and a whopping $4.44 in revenue     from the blog’s ads.

Total money spent**: $4,077.84
    Gas: $1,136.66
    Other transport (mostly car maintenance): $678.22
    Food: $1,057.75
    Attractions: $595.32
    Other: $613.71

**This amount does not include money spent on phone bill or car insurance as those have a separate budget.

Budgeted amount ($200/week or $28.57/day): $4,656.91

Total under budget***: $579.07

***Remember I included the unanticipated car maintenance, phone and computer repairs, and     doctors visits in this, which together amounted to well over the over budget amount for the first 1/3 of the states, so I did really well the last few states.

Approximate amount of money saved from awesome other people paying for me: $1,021 (Assuming my mom spent $500 on me in Florida, though it was probably way more than that…)

North American Reciprocal Museum pass: $151 out of $100 (13 museums)

National Park Interagency pass: $128 out of $80 (11 National Parks)

Number of free meals: 240

Total nights spent on the road: 163

Total nights spent with people I already knew: 66

Total nights spent with Couchsurfing hosts: 92

Total nights spent with non-Couchsurfing hosts: 2

Total nights spent in the car: 3

Total nights spent in a hotel: 3

Total number of hosts/homes stayed in: 84

Total number of Couchsurfing hosts/homes: 63

Total number of family/friend hosts/homes: 21

Total number of hotels stayed in: 2

Total dates: 3

Total encounters with Mrs. Meyer’s soap: 13.5 (the half for Ella trying to find it in Arkansas)

Total unexpected, but awesome experiences:158

Total “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?! Am I freaking crazy?!” moments: 14

Total “This is so AMAZING, I can’t believe how AWESOME my life is!” moments: 270


1. Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta, GA.

2. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston, SC.

3. FDR Presidential Library and Museum, Hyde Park, NY.

4. American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD.

5. Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, NY.

6. Fallingwater, Mill Run, PA.

7. Churchyard of Unitarian Church in Charleston, Charleston, SC.

8. Taking a glass blowing class in Corning, NY.

9. Milking a couple goats in Candia, NH.

10. Getting locked in the Old Gaol in York, ME.

11. Taking a Park Ranger guided canoe trip through the Everglades, FL.

12. Getting a tour from Andrew, a homeless man, of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL.

13. Lake Champlain Chocolates, Burlington, VT.

14. Donating blood with Tiquila and Tikila in Memphis on MLK Day.

15. Everything about New Orleans: Crewe de Vieux, the drag show, and wandering around the French Quarter.

16. Seeing familiar faces and places in Arkansas.

17. Learning how to row where Olympic athletes train at Devon Boathouse in Oklahoma City, OK.

18.Taos Pueblo, NM.

19. Santuario de Santo Niño de Atocha, Chimayo, NM.

20. Rio Grande River Gorge (Bridge), Taos, NM.

21. Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM.

22. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Carlsbad, NM.

23. Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, NM.

24. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OK.

25. And of course, meeting my love, Alex, in Austin, TX.

Are there any other number related things or something else you’d like to know? Leave me a comment below!