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50 States in 50 Weeks – By the Numbers: The Final Countdown

From Maine to Washington and Alaska to Hawaii, here’s the final numbers recap of 50 States in 50(ish) weeks: TIME: Total days on the road: 330 (a day over 47 weeks – which doesn’t count the four day break I took in Massachusetts at the beginning or the six days I took to see Alex for his birthday before heading to… Read more »

By the Numbers: Whoa-oh I’m Halfway There…

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As of New Mexico, I’ve made it halfway through my trip and been to 1/2 of the United States! Huzzah! In honor of that accomplishment, here is a recap of the cumulative numbers and 25 highlights of the trip so far: Total miles: 15,921 Total money earned*: $369.53 *One day freelancing in NYC, one trip to the slots in Atlantic City,… Read more »

Rhode Island: By the Numbers

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State number five is done. Here’s the Rhode Island breakdown: Total miles*: 120     *I set the odometer en route to Rhode Island from Massachusetts and stopped it before I left for     Connecticut. Total money spent: $214.46     Gas: $13.16     Other transport (car maintenance): $157.08     Food: $33.57     Attractions: $0.00     Other: $10.65 Since I didn’t stay in Rhode Island a whole week I feel like I should… Read more »

Rhode Island – Days 1-3: Newport, Providence, and a few Misadventures

Day one in Rhode Island ended up being kind of a wash. I was behind on my blog and had to spend some time catching up on that or I’d never catch up. Then I realized I was crazy overdue for an oil change and that ended up taking like an hour. So I spent most of the day driving… Read more »