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50 States in 50 Weeks – By the Numbers: The Final Countdown

From Maine to Washington and Alaska to Hawaii, here’s the final numbers recap of 50 States in 50(ish) weeks: TIME: Total days on the road: 330 (a day over 47 weeks – which doesn’t count the four day break I took in Massachusetts at the beginning or the six days I took to see Alex for his birthday before heading to… Read more »

By the Numbers: Whoa-oh I’m Halfway There…

As of New Mexico, I’ve made it halfway through my trip and been to 1/2 of the United States! Huzzah! In honor of that accomplishment, here is a recap of the cumulative numbers and 25 highlights of the trip so far: Total miles: 15,921 Total money earned*: $369.53 *One day freelancing in NYC, one trip to the slots in Atlantic City,… Read more »

Vermont: By the Numbers

Done with Vermont, so let’s recap in numbers: Total miles*: 548     *I set the odometer en route to Vermont from New Hampshire and stopped it before I left for      Massachusetts. Total money spent: $125.63     Gas: $39.25     Food: $34.28     Attractions: $11     Other: $41.10 Total under budget: $74.37 Total nights spent with people I already knew: 0 Total nights spent with Couchsurfing Hosts: 6 Total… Read more »

Vermont – Days 4-5: Factories and Tours and Samples Oh My!

For my second day in a row of touring factories and seeking out free samples I started with the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center and Cafe. The Visitor Center was another interactive place, so I really enjoyed it. There was this cool part where you could lean into this fake bag of coffee beans with your knees bent and then stand… Read more »

Vermont – Day 3: Chocolate and Beer

Day three in Vermont started with a stop at the Vermont Gift Barn. I’d found a flier for it at the Vermont Visitor Center when I first arrived and it looked cool, so I checked it out. They had some cool pottery, otherwise it was nothing special, just another gift store. It was a really overcast day, but it wasn’t raining… Read more »

Vermont – Day 2: Traveling is awesome, but…

So far, in addition to the friends and family I have left behind, most of the people I have met on my journey have told me how awesome they think this trip is. Strangers tell me how proud they are of me for having the courage to take it. People have commended my adventurous spirit and applauded my gall. Some have said I… Read more »

Vermont – Day 1: Museums, Maple Candies, and a Video Store

I started my first day in Vermont with a trip to a local museum called Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium. I arrived around 10 a.m. and didn’t expect to spend as much time there as I did. They had two special exhibits: one about dinosaurs, the other about butterflies. Dinosaurs are awesome and butterflies are usually pretty, so I was excited…. Read more »