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Australia — At a Glance

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We spent almost a month in Australia. We stayed in Melbourne for two and a half weeks, in Canberra for a weekend, and in Sydney for a week. We definitely liked Sydney the most. GETTING THERE: Chiang Mai to Melbourne: $492.32 per person; 14h10m Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur: 2h55m Layover: 3h20m Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne: 7h55m Melbourne to Canberra: $110.60 per person; 1h10m Canberra to Sydney… Read more »

Thailand — At a Glance

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We spent about 6 weeks in Thailand. We stayed in Bangkok for five days and in Chiang Mai for five weeks. We definitely liked Chiang Mai better than Bangkok. GETTING THERE: Houston to Bangkok: $412 per person; 23h55m Houston to Taipei: 16h30m Layover: 3h30m Taipei to Bangkok: 3h55m Bangkok to Chaing Mai: $32.64 per person; 1h15m BUDGET/EXPENSES: Budget: $2695.75 ($2,000/month or $65.75/day) Travel (flights)*: $889.28… Read more »