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Australia — At a Glance

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We spent almost a month in Australia. We stayed in Melbourne for two and a half weeks, in Canberra for a weekend, and in Sydney for a week. We definitely liked Sydney the most. GETTING THERE: Chiang Mai to Melbourne: $492.32 per person; 14h10m Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur: 2h55m Layover: 3h20m Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne: 7h55m Melbourne to Canberra: $110.60 per person; 1h10m Canberra to Sydney… Read more »

Sydney, Australia — Museums, Beaches, and Social Commentary

Surprisingly, the bus from Canberra to Sydney wasn’t that bad. It only took three and a half hours and it actually went by pretty fast. I definitely prefer the bus’s walk up, hand someone my bag, walk on, sit down, and get on the road right away to the airport’s check-in my bag, go through security, wait around, board the… Read more »

Canberra, Australia — Old Friends, New Treats, and Wild Kangaroos

I’d never even heard of Canberra until Alex suggested we go there to visit his friend Amy. It’s funny because Canberra is the capital of Australia and had Alex not suggested we go there I’m not sure I would have known that the whole time we were in Australia. Whoops. My bad. Alex met Amy in Fairfield, IA back when… Read more »

Melbourne, Australia — Home Away from Home, the Australian Open, and More Interactive Art

We scored a housesitting gig through TrustedHousesitters for sixteen days in Melbourne to watch a couple fish, a cat, and two dogs. The timing was perfect because Alex has always wanted to go to the Australian Open, and surprise, the Australian Open is in January in Melbourne! Yay! It’s amazing how easy it is to drop back into a routine. We spent… Read more »