Indiana – Days 1-2: A Driving Tour of Indianapolis

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When I entered my hosts house in Indianapolis the first thing out of my mouth was, “whoa.” This is why:

Right when I walked in my host's house I saw this awesome library! Note the rolling ladder. Indianapolis, IN.

Right when I walked in my host’s house I saw this awesome library! Note the rolling ladder. Indianapolis, IN.

I have a serious life aspiration to have a cool library in my house like that someday. So. Freaking. Cool. My host had to go to a book club meeting the night I arrived, so I took the opportunity to get some work done. She was hosting another surfer from Montreal. The girl from Canada was on a road trip to California. When she arrived we chatted for a bit but then she took out her computer and we both got some work done until our host came home. Then we stayed up talking until one o’clock in the morning!

The following day we said goodbye to the Canadian and my host took me on a driving tour of Indianapolis. We started at the Martin Luther King Jr. Park Landmark for Peace. The monument sits on the location where Robert Kennedy announced to Indianapolis that King had been assassinated. Through his speech Kennedy was able to calm the crowd and Indianapolis was one of the few cities in America that did not riot after King’s assassination. It was an incredibly peaceful and powerful place.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park Landmark for Peace, Indianapolis, IN.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park Landmark for Peace, Indianapolis, IN.

We drove by the Indy Reads Books bookstore which my host told me has really cool adult literacy campaigns. She explained that the original building of the Central Library was no longer able to hold the library’s collection so they built on this huge addition. I really liked the contrast between the original classical building and the modern glass curved building behind it. So cool.

We drove around for so long I think I forgot to take notes for most of it because I was just soaking everything in. My host was great about telling me the history behind the places we went. I felt like I was on my own private tour of the city, which, I guess, I was. We saw the American Legion Mall, a really awesome green space downtown and the Masonic Temple, which was interesting.

We drove by the City Market and the Arts Garden and the downtown mall with its cool walkway over an intersection. We drove through Fountain Square and along the Mass Ave arts district and by Garfield Park. Then we parked somewhere and walked along the canal on the White River.

Canal Walk, Indianapolis, IN.

Canal Walk, Indianapolis, IN.

My host even took me by the Strange House, a house that’s actually five houses that have been added onto and combined into one. Weird. I totally would’ve loved to go inside and check it out though. They should make it into a museum. I’m sure people would pay to see it. If it was cheap enough, even I would.

After about four hours out and about my host took me back to her house and made dinner for us. Her sister joined us and we hung out and chatted for a bit. Then they went to meet another Couchsurfer for coffee and I stayed to keep working on my blog. Unfortunately, my computer was super slow and needed an update, which, of course, took forever. Like four hours forever. I forget what exactly happened but I know it involved restarting my computer multiple times and having to do a Google search to figure out how to finish the install. Eventually, it worked, though I didn’t end up getting any work done while my host and her sister were gone. Oh well, wasn’t meant to be I guess.