Maine – Day 4: Trespassing, the Beach, and Small Town Wanderings

Brittany Swanson   September 18, 2015   Comments Off on Maine – Day 4: Trespassing, the Beach, and Small Town Wanderings

There are a lot of lighthouses in Maine. I could’ve gone to all of them, but that would’ve gotten boring. Instead, I chose a couple that were on the route to other locations I planned to visit. Doubling Point Lighthouse was listed between Lewiston, ME and Popham Beach State Park, so that was my first stop of the day.

At first, I drove past the road I needed, because the directions wanted me to turn on a road labelled “Private.” I drove on hoping I would find another place to see the lighthouse, but eventually I realized that was the only way to go. Oh well, I reasoned, what was the worst that could happen, I get asked to leave? I should at least try.

The two lane dirt road quickly turned into a one lane dirt road with really nice houses on it. I started to seriously regret my decision to take this road, but there wasn’t anywhere to turn around. Just when I’d decided to bite the bullet and turn around in someone’s driveway I saw a sign that just said “Lighthouse —>.” So, I kept driving. I saw about four more of those simple signs until I came to the lighthouse…in what looked like someone’s backyard. Super awkward.

I finally had a place to turn around though. But I came this far… All they’d do is ask me to leave. Possibly have me arrested for trespassing, but I doubt it. From where I parked the car I could see a sign on the gate to the lighthouse that read “Enter at Your Own Risk.” So it had to be open to the public…right? Whatever. I went for it.

Picture of Doubling Point Lighthouse, Bath, ME

I don’t know why, but this reminds me of Dawson’s Creek for some reason.






It was totally worth it. The lighthouse was picturesque, and since I was most likely trespassing, I had it all to myself. I even wandered down to the tower and enjoyed the view of the Kennebec river:

Straight on view of Doubling Point Lighthouse, Bath, ME

Totally trespassing. Totally worth it.

View from Doubling Point Lighthouse, Bath, ME

View from Doubling Point Lighthouse, Bath, ME.

Out of curiosity I looked up the Doubling Point Lighthouse to see if I had, in fact, been trespassing, and I am no less confused now. According to, “the entire Doubling Point station grounds (except for the lighthouse tower) were sold to a private party for $2,200 [in 1935].” So, I trespassed on the grounds to get to the lighthouse, but the tower itself was totally fair game? Ok, sure, that makes sense.

Anyway, my next stop for the day was Popham Beach State Park. I didn’t do any research prior to my visit, I just saw “beach” and was all for it. I figured there’d be a beach and I could do some hiking. I was partially right. It cost $6 to park, so I figured I should go all out and actually put on my swimsuit and have a beach day. The beach was so vast, that I only had to walk a short way away from the restrooms to be out of earshot of anyone near me on the beach because everyone was so spread out.

I took a nap because I was tired. Then I got bored, because I didn’t feel like reading or coloring which made me sad because I thought about how much fun I usually had at the beach when I was with friends or family. Finally I decided to do some yoga and that made me feel better…until the tide started creeping in bringing with it all sorts of sand critters… I took this as a sign to end my beach times and proceeded into the water to rinse the sand off.

Waves crashing on the beach at Popham Beach State Park

It was such a beautiful day, it was a bummer the water was so cold.

What a MISTAKE! It was SO. FREAKING. COLD! I actually thought my heart was going to stop from shock and I was going to drift off to sea! But I was so sandy…so I kept going. After about two minutes in the water my feet went numb and it wasn’t so bad anymore. I couldn’t bring myself to actually swim though. I just stood, up to my waist, cringing and cursing every time the waves crept higher and splashed my arms and face to rinse them. Then I booked it back to shore.

Next I drove to Rockland, ME with the intention of going to the Farnsworth Art Museum. I was really excited about it earlier in the week, but when I got there I just wanted to wander around the town and keep the $10 instead. Lame, I know, but I think I’ll make up for it later this week, so stay tuned.

Rockland is quaint. Very small town-y feeling. Gilmore Girls totally could’ve been filmed there, though then they wouldn’t have had a cool town square and gazebo, so nevermind. They do have a bookstore/coffee shop in Rockland, which is something Rory totally needed. The coffee shop is called Rock City Cafe and the bookstore is called Hello Hello Books. They’re attached; so you walk into Rock City Cafe, walk to the back, and boom, you’re in a new/used bookstore. The best of all the worlds. What’s better is that Hello Hello Books totally cured my sour mood from earlier at the beach. They had so many books I either wanted to read, or had been on my mind recently, from Mindy Kaling’s new one Why Not Me?, to Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, and all the classics in between (Love in the Time of Cholera, 1984, A Clockwork Orange, you get the picture). If you haven’t read any/all of those books yet, read them now, and read The Alchemist while you’re at it, if you still haven’t gotten around to that one either.

Breakwater Vineyards store front with Wine Tasting sign out front Rockland, ME

Why yes, yes I would like to taste some wine.

As I was walking back to my car I saw a sign for a wine tasting and I couldn’t resist. Though next time I’ll be sure to find a free tasting and save myself the $3. It was totally worth it. Thanks Breakwater Vineyards! I definitely needed the human interaction.

If you’re in the area and looking for a good local wine I would totally recommend Breakwater Vineyards’ Something Sweet, and I’m not even a fan of white wines usually. The description boasted Something Sweet as a perfect wine to sip on the porch, and I just love a good porch sipping wine, so I tried it. And I loved it! It was crisp, refreshing, and obviously, sweet. What a lovely way to end the day.