Massachusetts – Day 7: Cape Cod – Fort Hill, Marconi Beach, and P-Town

Cape Cod. From all I’d heard it sounded like such a wonderful place. A magical wonderland where rich people vacation in the summer. Luckily, I was staying with a local in the off-season so I feel like I got an authentic Cape Code experience.

My host recommended I do or see a number of things, but I only had one day, so I picked a few that sounded the most interesting. The first was Fort Hill. It was a nice little walk, without many people around. It felt very still and peaceful and the views were amazing.

View from my hike at Fort Hill, Eastham, MA.

View from my hike at Fort Hill, Eastham, MA.

I wandered off the main path a few times onto smaller side paths and one of them led to this really cool fort-looking thing back in the woods. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if that’s why it’s called Fort Hill. Either way, Fort Hill was a great way to start the day.

Fort I found in the woods at Fort Hill, Eastham, MA.

Fort I found in the woods at Fort Hill, Eastham, MA.

My next stop was Marconi Beach. I planned on doing a little yoga and maybe reading my book or coloring. On my way down to the shore I passed a guy in a wetsuit with a kneeboard. When I got there the tide was coming in and I didn’t know how far up it would come and I really didn’t want to have to move as soon as I sat down, so I ended up walking along the shore instead. I stopped and watched the waves for a minute and I saw this large black thing in the water. So, naturally, after seeing the guy in the wetsuit, my first thought was, oh my gosh, is that a dead body?!  I kept staring into the water until I saw it again, and I still couldn’t tell what it was. I told myself it probably wasn’t a dead surfer and that I was just imagining things. Then a head popped out of the water.

Was that a seal?!  It was a seal! It was so close to the shore it was crazy! I swear it had to be being crushed by the waves because the waves were massive and the seal was so close to shore. Soon, my new seal friend was joined by another seal friend. I probably spent twenty minutes following them up and down the shore taking at least fifty pictures, but they all came out pretty terrible.

The one on the left kind of looks like a dead surfer right? Seals, Marconi Beach, Cape Cod National Seashore, MA.

The one on the left kind of looks like a dead body right? Seals, Marconi Beach, Cape Cod National Seashore, MA.

Provincetown, or P-Town as the locals call it, is on the tip of the Cape. My host had suggested I go up to the top of Pilgrim Monument and check out the view, but as I drove up I thought, yeah, after yesterday at Bunker Hill, I’m pretty sure I won’t make it all the way to the top of that. As of this writing, my legs are still sore and that was three days ago now. Pilgrim Monument is pretty cool looking though. Someday I’d like to climb to the top to check out the view.

Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, MA.

Way too many stairs…Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, MA.

The first thing I noticed about P-Town, once I parked the car and started exploring, was the crazy number of art galleries. I seriously lost count there were so many art galleries. I wandered down the east side of Commercial Street in P-Town first. Along the way I cam across a museum, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. I figured I’d stop and see if my museum pass would get me in for free. It did! I wouldn’t have gone otherwise, but it was a nice little museum and I enjoyed the fifteen or so minutes I spent there, not enough to pay $10, but hey, it was free, so why not? This museum pass is going to be awesome! (Side note: I checked the list later, and the Provincetown Museum isn’t on the list of eligible reciprocal museums, so double score!)

Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.

I can’t imagine how busy it is during the summer…Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.

On the way to P-Town my phone hadn’t been plugged in all the way so it was pretty much dead at this point. I’d driven by a library earlier so I decided to go there and charge my phone while I worked on filling out my ever-growing pile of postcards. The library was super cool looking.

Provincetown Public Library, Provincetown, MA.

Provincetown Public Library, Provincetown, MA.

I like to wander around in libraries, or anywhere that I’m going to hang out in for a while, to find the best spot. So after checking out the first floor I headed up to the second. What I found when I got there was completely unexpected.

Just a ship in a big deal...Rose Dorothea Schooner, Provincetown Public Library, Provincetown, MA.

Just a ship in a library…no big deal…Rose Dorothea Schooner, Provincetown Public Library, Provincetown, MA.

Yep. A ship in the middle of the second floor of the Provincetown Public Library. Totally random. I meant to ask the librarian what the story behind it was before I left, but I forgot. I asked my host later and she said when the library moved from its previous location to this one some guy donated the ship so they put it in the library, and it just barely fit. It was pretty freaking sweet. If you’re interested, you can read more about the ship, the Rose Dorothea Schooner, here.

I left the library and wandered along the west side of Commercial Street. When I finally turned around to walk back to the car and head back to my host’s house I passed three musicians on the street. The third one, a lady, reminded me of the troubadour from Gilmore Girls. Apparently, I should really watch Gilmore Girls again since it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

Fun fact: a female troubadour is called a trobairitz, Provincetown, MA.

Fun fact: a female troubadour is called a trobairitz, Provincetown, MA.

Thus ends my last day in Massachusetts. What a stellar week.

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