New Jersey: By the Numbers

Brittany Swanson   November 20, 2015   Comments Off on New Jersey: By the Numbers

New Jersey, state nine, by the numbers:

Total miles*: 287
    *I set the odometer en route to New Jersey and shut it off before I headed to Delaware.

Total money earned: $3.25 (Gold Fish slot machine)

Total money spent: $43.16
    Gas: $24.50
    Other transport: $0
    Food: $10.78
    Attractions: $0
    Other: $7.88

Total under budget: $6.84 (plus money earned: $10.09)

Money saved using North American Reciprocal Museum pass: $0

Money saved using Interagency pass: $0

Number of free meals: 6

Total nights spent with people I already knew: 2

Total nights spent with Couchsurfing hosts: 1

Total nights spent with non-Couchsurfing hosts: 0

Total nights spent in the car: 0

Total dates: 0

Total encounters with Mrs. Meyer’s soap: 0

Total unexpected, but awesome experiences: 1

Total “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?! Am I freaking crazy?!” moments: 0

Total “This is so AMAZING, I can’t believe how AWESOME my life is!” moments: 2

New Jersey must-sees/must-dos: Carlo’s Bakery chocolate chip cookie, play Gold Fish slots at Caesar’s in Atlantic City

New Jersey things to skip if you’re crunched for time: Cape May.

Are there any other number related things you’d like to know? Leave me a comment below!