New Mexico: By the Numbers

Brittany Swanson   February 29, 2016   Comments Off on New Mexico: By the Numbers

New Mexico, state twenty-five (woo, half-way!), by the numbers:

Total miles: 1,653

Total money earned: $0

Total money spent: $226.30
    Gas: $83.60
    Other transport: $1.75 (parking)
    Food: $90.12
    Attractions: $35
    Other: $15.83

Budgeted amount ($200/week or $28.57/day): $257.13

Total under budget: $30.83

Approximate amount of money saved from awesome other people paying for me: $17

North American Reciprocal Museum pass: $10 ($151 from $100)

National Park Interagency pass: $36 ($128 from $80)

Number of free meals: 11

Total nights spent with people I already knew: 0

Total nights spent with Couchsurfing hosts: 9

Total nights spent with non-Couchsurfing hosts: 0

Total nights spent in the car: 0

Total number of hosts/homes stayed in: 7

Total number of Couchsurfing hosts/homes: 7

Total number of family/friend hosts/homes: 0

Total dates: 0

Total encounters with Mrs. Meyer’s soap: 1

Total unexpected, but awesome experiences: 25

Total “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?! Am I freaking crazy?!” moments: 0

Total “This is so AMAZING, I can’t believe how AWESOME my life is!” moments: 40


Truth or Consequences – Riverbend Hot Springs – a nice relaxing vacation.

Carlsbad – Carlsbad Caverns – super cool caverns with lots to look at – a good hike.

Albuquerque – see the sun set on the mountains – it’s beautiful!

Chimayo – Santuario de Santo Niño de Atocha – really beautiful and peaceful spiritual place.

Taos Pueblo – interesting insight into modern Native culture.

Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge – will make you feel really small.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park – beautiful ancient ruins in the desert surrounded by cliffs, awe-inspiring, for sure.


Roswell – pretty sure I didn’t get much better of an explanation of the UFO phenomenon in Roswell than I already had.

Santa Fe – Georgia O’Keeffe Museum – go to any major art museum to see O’Keeffe’s work, don’t come here.

Aztec Ruins National Monument – especially if you go to Chaco Culture.


Are there any other number related things or best’s or whatnot you’d like to know? Leave me a comment below!