Oregon – By the Numbers:

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Oregon, state forty-seven, by the numbers:

Total miles: 1,074

Total money gained: $0

Total money spent: $141.51
    Gas: $73.13
    Other transport: $0
    Food: $40.94
    Attractions: $15
    Other: $12.44

Budgeted amount ($200/week or $28.57/day): $228.56

Total under budget: $87.05

Approximate amount of money saved from awesome other people paying for me: $62

North American Reciprocal Museum pass: $0 ($206.50 from $100)

National Park Interagency pass: $10 ($455 from $80)

Number of free meals: 16

Total nights spent with people I already knew: 4

Total nights spent with Couchsurfing hosts: 3

Total nights spent with non-Couchsurfing hosts: 0

Total nights spent in the car: 0

Total number of hosts/homes stayed in: 4

Total number of Couchsurfing hosts/homes: 3

Total number of family/friend hosts/homes: 1

Total dates: 0

Total encounters with Mrs. Meyer’s soap: 1

Total unexpected, but awesome experiences: 8

Total “Am I done yet…?” moments: 0

Total “This is so AMAZING, I can’t believe how AWESOME my life is!” moments: 26


Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City, OR – BEAUTIFUL views, and a fun hike up and an even better hike down.

Tillamook Cheese Factory, Tillamook, OR – free samples, close to Cape Kiwanda, yummy ice cream.

Multnomah Falls – super awesome tall waterfall, fun hiking around and other nearby waterfalls.

Oneonta Gorge – beautiful and peaceful space to explore.

Find a Klutch mural in Portland – they’re pretty neat.

International Rose Test Garden, Portland, OR – so many fun colors and smells!

Oregon Public House, Portland, OR – I didn’t actually go, but if you’re going to drink, might as well do it somewhere where they give back to the community, right?

PSU Farmer’s Market, Portland, OR – if you’re in the need for fresh fruits and veggies and/or ice cream.

Saturday Market, Portland, OR – lots of neat crafts and food vendors.


High Desert Museum, Bend, OR – it’s cool, but not worth an extra trip or the cost.

Last Thursday on Alberta St., Portland, OR – It’s cool, but if you’ve been to one street fair, they’re pretty much all the same. The bubbles were cool though.

Salt and Straw, Portland, OR – the ice cream is good, but the cone to ice cream ratio is a little ridiculous as was the line.

Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, OR – again, nothing to write home about, except the cock and balls donut, but who pays $6 for a donut?!

Are there any other number related things or best’s or whatnot you’d like to know? Leave me a comment below!