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Utah – Days 4-5: Salt Lake City and Arches National Park

My fourth day in Utah I went exploring in Salt Lake City. I found a place to park and as I made my way to the crosswalk I saw this sign: I nearly died laughing, but I used the flag nonetheless. Needless to say, I did not die crossing the street, as the added visibility of the orange flag clearly alerted drivers… Read more »

Arizona – Days 1-6: Two Canyons, A Gorge, and Some Cacti

Why?! I had no idea it got so cold in Arizona. I literally thought it was always at least 70 degrees. Yeah, apparently that is completely false. My first day in Arizona it was hovering around 30 degrees. No, thank you! I started the day with a trip to Four Corners Monument. And just to be clear, even though the original… Read more »

Arkansas – Days 1-2: Old Faces and Familiar Places

My first day in Arkansas I drove to El Dorado (pronounced El Doe-ray-doe – which, though I know is wrong, is now what I say whenever I see El Dorado, even though I know it’s supposed to be El Doe-rah-doe…). I cannot even explain the level of excitement I had as I drove to El Dorado even though the plan… Read more »

Florida – Days 1-15: Beaches and Relaxation, Sunsets and Revelations

Appropriately, I spent my first full day in Florida at the beach. I was in Jacksonville, and it was a sunny 81°. My hosts from the previous night insisted on taking me to the beach and as I had no other plans, I agreed. I worked out and we had breakfast and ran a few errands and then made our… Read more »

North Carolina – Days 1-2: Adventures in Asheville

My first day in North Carolina was spent mostly driving to Asheville. It was another rainy day and I could not stay awake so I took not one, but TWO naps along the way. Eventually, I made it and met up with my host at Wicked Weed Brewing. We had a beer and then went back to her place where… Read more »

Virginia – Days 11-16: Blues Dancing, Thanksgiving, Perry Family Day, and Other Adventures

Day eleven was another blog catch up day, but that night we went to D.C. to a bar called Angles. Every Wednesday at Angles a group of people get together and take over the jukebox and play blues music so people can blues dance. It was awesome! At first I thought it was going to be kind of awkward because I… Read more »

Virginia – Days 9-10: Richmond and Williamsburg

On day nine we ventured to Richmond, VA to pick up Meghan’s friend Ashley on our way to Williamsburg. Meghan went to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. I was super excited to visit Megz’s alma mater. If ever I wanted to put a visual on a place I’d heard so many stories about, it was William and Mary…. Read more »

Virginia – Days 5-8: Coffee, Hiking, A Cure Worse Than the Disease, Frandsgiving, and Dance Asia

Day five in Virginia Meghan missed an exit on the way to her parents’ house so we made a pit stop at this coffee shop in a renovated warehouse she’d told me about. The place was called Cervantes Coffee and it was wonderful. I had a Chai Tea Latte which was amazing. The warehouse atmosphere was fun and the couch we sat… Read more »

West Virginia – Days 1-2: Small Towns, Capitol Cities, and Nature

For my first stop in West Virginia I went to a town called Shepherdstown. Someone told me it was similar to Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, and if you know me at all, you know how much I love Gilmore Girls, so I couldn’t wait! I could definitely see how Shepherdstown and Stars Hollow were similar, however as an outsider… Read more »

New Jersey – Days 1-3: Hanging Out, Baked Goods, and Atlantic City

My first day in New Jersey was pretty chill. I spent the morning trying to catch up on blog posts. Then I met up with my friend Jesse from Camp Ramapo. We went out to dinner with her dad and brother to Zinburger. Their veggie burger was pretty good, even if I got it without half the ingredients: no avocado, cheese, or… Read more »