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Maryland: By the Numbers

State eleven, Maryland, by the numbers: Total miles*: 158     *I set the odometer en route to Maryland and shut it off before I headed to West Virginia. Total money earned: $0 Total money spent: $61.57     Gas: $22.25     Other transport: $1     Food: $16.74     Attractions: $9.95     Other: $11.63 Total over budget: $4.43 Money saved using North American Reciprocal Museum pass: $0 Money saved using Interagency… Read more »

Maryland – Days 1-2: Annapolis, Baltimore, and My Two Cents on Current Events

I started my first day in Maryland with a trip to Annapolis. The area I went to was cute, but touristy. It was a really overcast day, which always kills me. That, and the fact that parking was a dollar for like a half hour and traffic around the area was atrocious meant I didn’t stay there very long. I… Read more »