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50 States in 50 Weeks – By the Numbers: The Final Countdown

From Maine to Washington and Alaska to Hawaii, here’s the final numbers recap of 50 States in 50(ish) weeks: TIME: Total days on the road: 330 (a day over 47 weeks – which doesn’t count the four day break I took in Massachusetts at the beginning or the six days I took to see Alex for his birthday before heading to… Read more »

By the Numbers: A Recap of the First Third of the Continental U.S.

As of Georgia, state sixteen, I’ve been to 1/3 of the continental United States. Woo! In honor of that accomplishment, here is a recap of the cumulative numbers and some other fun facts from Maine to Georgia and everywhere in between: Total miles: 8,583 Total money earned*: $167.88     *One day freelancing in NYC, one trip to the slots in Atlantic… Read more »

Vermont – Day 3: Chocolate and Beer

Day three in Vermont started with a stop at the Vermont Gift Barn. I’d found a flier for it at the Vermont Visitor Center when I first arrived and it looked cool, so I checked it out. They had some cool pottery, otherwise it was nothing special, just another gift store. It was a really overcast day, but it wasn’t raining… Read more »

Maine – Day 1: A Moose Named Lenny

Photo of Brittany next to the Welcome to Maine sign.

Everything happens for a reason and things don’t always go according to plan. Two clichés, but two very true statements and two lessons I am taking to heart as I close out this first day of 50 States in 50 Weeks. So the whole “things don’t always go according to plan” thing is obvious. I planned to go to The Museums of… Read more »