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West Virginia – Days 1-2: Small Towns, Capitol Cities, and Nature

For my first stop in West Virginia I went to a town called Shepherdstown. Someone told me it was similar to Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, and if you know me at all, you know how much I love Gilmore Girls, so I couldn’t wait! I could definitely see how Shepherdstown and Stars Hollow were similar, however as an outsider… Read more »

Connecticut – Day 3.5: Standing up for Racial Justice

So, on my third evening in Connecticut I Couchsurfed with Alex. Alex is a first year law student at Yale University. Originally we were supposed to have dinner with some of his friends and then go out for a drink. Unfortunately, his friends bailed last minute. Instead Alex decided to go to an event on campus and he invited me to… Read more »

Connecticut – Days 3-4: Wanderings in New Haven and around Yale

I started day three in Connecticut in New Haven. The plan was to wander around downtown, visit Yale, and then maybe head to a park or something. I wandered around and found Yale and as I walked by this one building I was handed two free Iced Teas. Yay! I love free things. There was a nice big open grassy… Read more »

Massachusetts – Day 7: Cape Cod – Fort Hill, Marconi Beach, and P-Town

Cape Cod. From all I’d heard it sounded like such a wonderful place. A magical wonderland where rich people vacation in the summer. Luckily, I was staying with a local in the off-season so I feel like I got an authentic Cape Code experience. My host recommended I do or see a number of things, but I only had one day, so… Read more »

Massachusetts – Days 5-6: A Date, The Freedom Trail, and Fine Art

Day five was a planning day, so it wasn’t terribly exciting. I did make a huge discovery though. I realized that there was a way to get free entry into a whole lot of museums across the country! (Including a few that I’d already skipped because the prices were too steep.) All I had to do was get a membership at… Read more »

Maine – Day 4: Trespassing, the Beach, and Small Town Wanderings

Straight on view of Doubling Point Lighthouse, Bath, ME

There are a lot of lighthouses in Maine. I could’ve gone to all of them, but that would’ve gotten boring. Instead, I chose a couple that were on the route to other locations I planned to visit. Doubling Point Lighthouse was listed between Lewiston, ME and Popham Beach State Park, so that was my first stop of the day. At… Read more »