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Wyoming – Days 1-3: One Park… Two Park… Wildlife… Geyser!

My first day in Wyoming Robb took me to Yellowstone National Park. On the drive there he told me all about his job removing unnecessary fences so wildlife can roam free. He pointed out the different fences along the way and explained how they were bad or showed me the ones he had already  helped replace. That was pretty neat. Fences weren’t… Read more »

Mississippi – Days 1-3.5: Adventures in Art and Culture

On my drive through northern Mississippi I saw a sign for the Ida B. Wells museum in Holly Springs. I hadn’t originally planned to stop there, but I was in no rush and Ida B. Wells is an important historical figure, so I figured, why not? When I’m going somewhere and just following road signs I frequently wonder if I’m still… Read more »

New Hampshire – Day 6: Scenic Views, Driving, and the World’s Longest Candy Counter

My Couchsurfing host, Alyssa, took me on her favorite hike to start the morning. It was this narrow hidden trail up Iron Mountain. It’s mostly rocky and relatively steep, but we managed to climb up to the first overlook in about a half hour. We stayed there chatting and enjoying the view for another half hour. Alyssa had to go to work,… Read more »

New Hampshire – Day 5: North Conway, Cathedral Cliffs, and the Mount Washington Hotel

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it lately, but I love the Roadtrippers website! Love it! The other day I was looking for places to add to my New Hampshire trip and I discovered an old school 5¢ and 10¢ store near North Conway, NH where I’d already planned to be. Score! Of course, now I can’t find where I… Read more »