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50 States in 50 Weeks – By the Numbers: The Final Countdown

From Maine to Washington and Alaska to Hawaii, here’s the final numbers recap of 50 States in 50(ish) weeks: TIME: Total days on the road: 330 (a day over 47 weeks – which doesn’t count the four day break I took in Massachusetts at the beginning or the six days I took to see Alex for his birthday before heading to… Read more »

New Jersey: By the Numbers

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New Jersey, state nine, by the numbers: Total miles*: 287     *I set the odometer en route to New Jersey and shut it off before I headed to Delaware. Total money earned: $3.25 (Gold Fish slot machine) Total money spent: $43.16     Gas: $24.50     Other transport: $0     Food: $10.78     Attractions: $0     Other: $7.88 Total under budget: $6.84 (plus money earned: $10.09) Money saved using North American… Read more »

New Jersey – Days 1-3: Hanging Out, Baked Goods, and Atlantic City

My first day in New Jersey was pretty chill. I spent the morning trying to catch up on blog posts. Then I met up with my friend Jesse from Camp Ramapo. We went out to dinner with her dad and brother to Zinburger. Their veggie burger was pretty good, even if I got it without half the ingredients: no avocado, cheese, or… Read more »