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Nevada – By the Numbers:

Nevada, state twenty-eight, by the numbers: Total miles: 713 Total money gained: $0 Total money spent: $140.16     Gas: $62.00     Other transport: $0     Food: $66.42     Attractions: $0     Other: $11.74 Budgeted amount ($200/week or $28.57/day): $142.85 Total under budget: $2.69 Approximate amount of money saved from awesome other people paying for me: $38 North American Reciprocal Museum pass: $0 ($151 from $100) National… Read more »

Nevada – Days 1-5: Out and About in Reno and Las Vegas

On my way to Nevada I was stopping in Lake Tahoe to meet my host. I somehow missed that I was running low on gas as I passed the last gas station on the mountain. I tried to remain calm and told myself that I couldn’t completely run out of gas yet because the gas light hadn’t come on yet… Then… Read more »