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Louisiana – Days 1-5: From Mardi Gras and Drag Shows, to State History and Beautiful Sunsets

My first evening in Louisiana I met my host in New Orleans and she took me to see the Crewe de Vieux Mardi Gras parade. It was, how shall I say, an adult parade: parental discretion advised. Despite this, there were plenty of children there. I’m pretty sure most of it went right over their heads. To put it bluntly,… Read more »

Massachusetts – Days 2-3: Flowers, Potholes, Peace, and Authors

To, I’m sure, no one’s surprise, I got off to a late start on day two in Massachusetts. I hadn’t realized the night before was a Friday until my host was staying up way later than I’d expect for a workday. I finally asked him what time he had to go to work in the morning and he laughed and… Read more »