Thailand — At a Glance

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We spent about 6 weeks in Thailand.
We stayed in Bangkok for five days and in Chiang Mai for five weeks.
We definitely liked Chiang Mai better than Bangkok.

Houston to Bangkok: $412 per person; 23h55m
Houston to Taipei: 16h30m
Layover: 3h30m
Taipei to Bangkok: 3h55m
Bangkok to Chaing Mai: $32.64 per person; 1h15m

Budget: $2695.75 ($2,000/month or $65.75/day)

Travel (flights)*: $889.28

Housing: $1,294.35

  • Airbnb in Bangkok (5 nights): $204.12
    Airbnb 1 in Chiang Mai (3 nights): $82.29
    Airbnb 2 in Chiang Mai (13 nights): $419.14
    Airbnb 3 in Chiang Mai (20 nights): $588.80
    Average housing cost per night: $31.57

Food: Bangkok ($121.88) + Chiang Mai ($679.54) = $801.42
Average food cost per day: $19.55

Entertainment: Bangkok ($31.92) + Chiang Mai ($233.35) = $265.27
Average entertainment cost per day: $6.47

Transportation: Bangkok ($46.57) + Chiang Mai ($46.64) = $93.21
Average transportation cost per day: $2.27

Other: Bangkok ($38.30) + Chiang Mai ($174.35) = $212.65
Average other cost per day: $5.19

Total: Bangkok ($442.79) + Chiang Mai ($2,224.11) = $2,666.90 + Flights ($889.28) = $4,002.67
Average cost per day*: $65.05
Under budget: $28.85

Seeing the King’s Crematorium in Bangkok.
All the Night Markets — especially the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and getting to see the artists paint.
Interacting with rescued elephants through Elephant Nature Park’s Twilight Saddle Off Tour.
Playing around at the Art in Paradise museum.
Experiencing the New Year’s Eve Lantern Festival.

In Thailand they drive on the left side of the road, road lines are merely suggestions, and it’s rude to honk your horn.
I felt a little self conscious in a tank top and shorts because Thai people are very modest dressers.
Thai people do not publicly display affection at all — the only people we could tell were couples were foreigners.

Hang out at the beach! — Phuket/Krabi/Kolanta/really anywhere on the beach.
Go for a hike in the mountains around Chiang Mai.
Check out the Sunday Night Market.
Visit the Grand Canyon Water Park.
Explore some other cities.
Maybe take a weekend trip to Pai?

*We saved specifically for our flight to Thailand outside our regular monthly budget, which is why flights are not included in the average daily cost.

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