Vermont: By the Numbers

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Done with Vermont, so let’s recap in numbers:

Total miles*: 548
    *I set the odometer en route to Vermont from New Hampshire and stopped it before I left for      Massachusetts.

Total money spent: $125.63
    Gas: $39.25
    Food: $34.28
    Attractions: $11
    Other: $41.10

Total under budget: $74.37

Total nights spent with people I already knew: 0

Total nights spent with Couchsurfing Hosts: 6

Total nights spent in the car: 0

Total number of “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?! Am I freaking crazy?!” moments: 1

Total number of “This is so AMAZING, I can’t believe how AWESOME my life is!” moments: 3

Total number of hours spent on the blog: less than last week (Maybe I should stop pretending I’m actually going to count this…)

Are there any other number related things you’d like to know? Leave a comment below to let me know as I start Massachusetts!