Virginia – Days 1-2: Wilderness Adventure and Perry Family Dinner

Brittany Swanson   November 28, 2015   Comments Off on Virginia – Days 1-2: Wilderness Adventure and Perry Family Dinner

So my roommate from when I lived in Arkansas is from, and again lives in Virginia. Originally when I planned 50 States in 50 Weeks I was supposed to end up in Virginia over the week of Thanksgiving so I could spend Thanksgiving with her and her family. The first leg of the trip didn’t take quite as long as I thought it would, so I wound up in Virginia a week early and decided to stay for two weeks so I could still spend Thanksgiving with the Perrys.

I met Meghan in western Virginia at the camp she worked at since this past summer, Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing. She was still working when I arrived, so I immediately sought out the puppy we adopted in Arkansas, Olie, to say hello.

Oh, hello there not-so-little friend. Olie wants to come in the kitchen...

Oh, hello there not-so-little friend. Olie wants to come in the kitchen…but he can’t…

My first full day in Virginia Meghan took me on one of her favorite hikes called Dragon’s Tooth. Part of Dragon’s Tooth is part of the Appalachian Trail, so I can say I’ve hiked part of the Appalachian Trail now, even if it was a very very tiny part… While Meghan worked as a guide backpacking and camping and whatnot all summer and fall I just cooked with kids and have been wandering around the country. Needless to say, she kicked my butt up that mountain. I did make it to the top though and the view was pretty spectacular.

View from the top of Dragon's Tooth, VA.

View from the top of Dragon’s Tooth, VA.

After our hike we went back to Meghan’s camp and showered and then went and met up with her friend Prince for dinner. We went to this Indian restaurant in Blacksburg and it was alright. Apparently in college towns restaurants like to tone down the flavor to make their food more accessible to the masses. Meeting Prince was fun. I’ve known Meghan for a while and I’ve heard stories about all her other friends, so it’s fun to meet them and put names with faces.

The second day we packed up Meghan’s car because she was leaving camp for the season and made a pit stop on the drive to her parents’ house at Naughty Girls Donut Shop. I tried two different donuts, one was a blueberry yeast donut, and the other was a chocolate nutty cake donut. I really liked the blueberry donut and really did not like the chocolate one.

Meghan had to take Olie to the vet, so while she did that I went to Best Buy to pick up my computer. I paid $35 to lose my computer for two weeks. I really wish the Best Buy guy in NYC had told me they get parts from Apple, then I would’ve known they couldn’t fix it before I sent it off. Lame. Oh well.

I was also sort of sick and over the counter medicines weren’t doing anything to help so I went to the doctor to see if they could prescribe something stronger. A few hours at the doctor later and the pharmacy didn’t have the medicine I needed anyway, so I had to wait another day to get my prescription filled.

I met Meghan at her parents’ house where we had dinner with the whole Perry family, plus Stanley, Meghan’s boyfriend. It was taco night, and it was delicious. Also the Perry’s are very punny. They went around the table so many times making puns I swear half the time I was at least three jokes behind everyone else. It was awesome!

Perry family dinner, plus a Stanley and a Brittany, Springfield, VA.

Perry family dinner, plus a Stanley and a Brittany, (From left clockwise: Brian, Connor, Maggie, Aiden, Kevin, Stanley, Meghan, Brittany) Springfield, VA.

After dinner, we were feeling nostalgic so Megz put on some How I Met Your Mother and we watched a few episodes before calling it a night.