Virginia – Days 5-8: Coffee, Hiking, A Cure Worse Than the Disease, Frandsgiving, and Dance Asia

Day five in Virginia Meghan missed an exit on the way to her parents’ house so we made a pit stop at this coffee shop in a renovated warehouse she’d told me about. The place was called Cervantes Coffee and it was wonderful. I had a Chai Tea Latte which was amazing. The warehouse atmosphere was fun and the couch we sat on was pretty comfy. It was nice to hang out and chill just the two of us.

Once we finished our drinks we went to the Perry house to pick up Olie and take him for a hike. We went to Great Falls Park and wandered around for a while. It was misting out so there were hardly any other people around. Meghan pointed out different places she used to go rock climbing when she was a kid and at one point we sat on some rocks and watched white water kayakers paddle upstream.

Great Falls on the Potomac River, McLean, VA.

Great Falls on the Potomac River, McLean, VA.

After our hike we returned Olie to the Perry house and went to visit our friend Erin at work. Erin is a childhood friend of Meghan’s who became my friend after she visited us in Arkansas. Erin works at Lake Accotink Park so we went there and hung out with her for a while. Meghan had to go to work so she left, and Erin and I continued to hang out and catch up. Then it got really dark and Erin had to go do other work things so I headed out as well.

Lake Accotink Park, Springfield, VA.

Lake Accotink Park, Springfield, VA.

Day six sucked. I was on my third day on the antibiotics the doctor had prescribed and I’d already been pretty nauseous the first couple days, but right after lunch on day six I vomited. Obviously I didn’t feel much like eating after that so I proceeded to dry heave for a large part of the day. I finally decided to eat something just so I could have something to throw up because dry heaving was incredibly painful. I also needed to take my evening antibiotics. As soon as the pill cleared my throat, it and the crackers and soup I had for dinner came right back up. I went to bed after that hoping it would be better in the morning.

Day seven didn’t start much better. I ate breakfast, popped a pill, and immediately threw it all back up. I’d called the doctor’s office the day before when I first threw up, but the doctor I saw wasn’t in that day and the doctor I talked to just said to take the medicine with food, which I had been doing. Now that I’d thrown up the medicine twice in a row though, the medicine wasn’t really doing anything and I really REALLY didn’t want to have to keep taking it, so I called the pharmacy to see what they had to say since it was Saturday and the doctor’s office was closed.

The pharmacist said to try going to a minute clinic at a different CVS because they could probably prescribe a different antibiotic, so that’s what I did. The nurse practitioner at the minute clinic said I was having an allergic reaction or intolerance to the antibiotic, and prescribed an anti-nausea medicine since I was still super nauseous. She said to try sipping fluids and if I could hold them down for four hours to try some crackers. I managed to hold down both some liquids and some crackers but at this point was super dehydrated since I had barely had anything to eat or drink for almost two days.

I was still pretty nauseous, but Meghan and Erin and I had plans to go see the new Hunger Games movie and I really didn’t want to miss it, since I’d already bailed on plans to meet Meghan’s college roommate Claire the previous night. So I sucked it up and we went to see Hunger Games. I really wish they hadn’t split it into two movies. I felt like the climax of the book became the middle of this second movie so the rest of the movie was just sort of a really long drawn out ending. It was still fun, though I’m bummed I was so nauseous I didn’t want popcorn.

Day eight was Frandsgiving, aka Thanksgiving with friends, at Stanley’s house. I was still kind of nauseous but I LOVE Thanksgiving food and I was not going to let feeling sick stop me from enjoying this marvelous feast. I woke up and made green bean casserole and finished Meghan’s pumpkin dump cake. Then I helped Stanley with the mashed potatoes and grated some cheese for his mac and cheese. People started showing up and needed the kitchen so I left them to do what they needed and Erin and I went and hung out in the other room. Eventually everything was ready and it was time to eat. YUM! Have I mentioned that I LOVE THANKSGIVING FOOD?! It was so good! I barely ate anything since my stomach had shrunk so much from not eating for days, but it was still wonderful and delicious.

Frandsgiving dinner, Arlington, VA.

Frandsgiving dinner, Arlington, VA.

After dinner we played a round of Cards Against Humanity and then Megz, Stanley, and I went to the local community center to watch Stanley’s roommate/Meghan’s friend, Katie’s dance performance. Katie does Tahitian dance and the performance was called Dance Asia and featured dance groups representing cultures all across Asia. It was phenomenal. All the costumes were super intricate and most of the dances were super interesting. The lighting was a little lacking and the sound levels were a bit loud, but then in community productions the tech side of things is usually pretty meh. Thankfully the tech side wasn’t bad enough to detract from the performances so it was fine. It was such an interesting experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to check it out. This is definitely not something I would’ve found had I just traveled to Virginia and stayed at a hotel.

Due to poor lighting and moving dancers this was the only picture that looks cool, Dance Asia, Arlington, VA.

Due to poor lighting and moving dancers this is the only picture that looks cool being blurry, Dance Asia, Arlington, VA.

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